What I ride! I don’t ever want it to stop.

I was never lucky in love back in the day, but then I found out the luck had nothing to do with it. I’ve been married to the love of my life (my lobster) for going on 8 years now and it is crazy how fast that time has gone. We married in 2003 the DAY AFTER we graduated bible college, went on our honeymoon and then both of us helped run a church camp a few weeks after we married. This would be a sign of things to come for the Ortiz household.

We moved to Austin in 2004, weeks later SURPISE!!! We were preggo…well she was…I helped…a little. We got plugged into an amazing church in Round Rock and starting serving under a pretty awesome student pastor and his wife. We grew so much in this time. Grew in God, maturity (physical and spiritual), and leadership skills. We learned a lot whilst there.

In Late 2006 we sensed a change in our spirit, now I am not getting all ultra spiritual but there was something in our gut that said “the times, they are a changing”. The time spent at the church in Round Rock was preparing us for the next phase in our lives. In January of 2007 we accepted out first youth pastorate in a small town in Northern Oklahoma and lo and behold we were pregnant again…well my wife was…I helped though. The time spent there really shaped us, changed us and was the hardest yet the best time in my life thus far. The students probably taught me more about God than I did to them. We spent hours a day in worship practice and then we would talk to the wee hours of the night talking about God, life, dreams and music. We got closer than I ever expected and I am so grateful for that. I learned a lot about myself during this time.

In late July of 2008 we moved from Northern Oklahoma to West Texas to take over the Student Pastorate of a local church. As the other places we have served we have learned new things not learned in the previous places. I love how God works like that. Always learning, always on my toes and thankfully we didn’t wind up preggo…my wife…not me. That was starting to be a trend every time we moved and we are glad that we ended at two.

I write that to say this. I LOVE MY WIFE. She is the most perfect thing that has ever happened to me (besides salvation). She is the sugar in my kool-aid, the peanut to my butter. Through this whirlwind she has been there with me right by my side running this race of life and ministry, she is my best friend, a confidant. I love that she is the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning. God has blessed me with a righteous woman and I am truly blown away how she can love me so much. I can see it in her eyes. This woman really and truly loves me. WOW!

These last years have been crazy. We have had the good, the bad and the ugly yet she’s still in stride with me. I LOVE MY WIFE!!! I don’t know where the future may lead us but with my woman by my side, I can and will conquer all that God has set for us to. I am not running this race alone. I have a hot sexy woman running with me.

Don’t run alone…

PROVERBS 31: A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds…

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  1. Amazing, I read it over the phone to Matt. What a testimony for young married couples. Beautifully written.

  2. I love your lobster too! (I hope Pastor Joel Stockstill doesn’t yell at you for referencing a heathen show.) For the past 7 months she has encouraged me…prayed for me…listened to me…made me laugh…helped me get tan…gave me pointers…did I mention prayed for me…and so much more. Chan, you are one cool dudette!

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