Poop on the Potty…

As a family we celebrate a lot of things in the Ortiz household. Two major accomplishments have been both kids are finally potty trained. The boy has been trained going on two years and our girl just recently. This summer they both learned to swim without floaties. There were also the time in where our boy finally got dressed all by himself, of course when they both started walking or started to eat solid food. It’s the little progressions in life that I love, now I know as a parent that the majority of what my kids have done aren’t unique. I know that millions of other kids can go poop on the potty or dress themselves. But those aren’t my kids. My kids are special and I smile when I see them do something that they have never done before (in the good sense mind you). It’s rather funny that I beam with a father’s pride when I see my boy run up to the SUV, open the door, close and buckle himself up. Weird? Maybe so but I love those moments seeing them develop brings me such joy. I can hold a decent conversation with my boy, but it normally winds up talk about going to grandma’s house and playing Wii, and guitar hero.

Have you ever thought about what God thinks about our little accomplishments? Do you think he really cares that we stopped smoking, drinking, lusting, lying, telling the neighbor that “if his dog poops in your yard again that you will shoot it”.

Does God care? Does He really care about the little miniscule things of our day?

I for one resound with a big fat honking YES!

If there is one thing that being a parent has taught me is that just as much as I love, adore and care for every aspect of my child (pooping on the potty included), I know God cares for me. There is a correlation there. I see my son as my Heavenly Father sees me, and when my son does a small accomplishment I gush all over him because “THAT’S MY BOY!!!”

Does God care?

Why yes…yes he does.

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