Tribute to The Tyler Rose


Upside down, inside out, crossways, backwards, in between and around the way, it all comes down to the same thing. Every way you think about athletics, it boils down to DESIRE. One deep breath, one straight shot, one long run from scrimmage, one more big lift and then do it again. The athlete is not born of competition. The athlete is not even born FOR competition…Competition is a by-product of another element. DESIRE. The fundamental element in all things accomplished in this world is DESIRE. DESIRE is the starting point, it’s what keeps us going through the years, and at the end it’s all that ever mattered.

I think about a football player like Earl Campbell. The film reel burned in my brain tells the story of a run that should have been for a huge loss. Earl was hit behind the line. The play never had a chance to develop. Defenders banged off Earl’s body like raindrops off a roof. Soon a few defenders had handfuls of Earl’s jersey and it looked for sure that he would go down. At that point Earl ran out of his jersey and left his would be tacklers holding only shreds of his jersey in their hands. I can see his massive thighs pumping like pistons as he defied reality and left us all a little better off for having seen this demonstration of pure DESIRE in motion. I thank God for that vision tattooed on my soul, for it embodies a man’s will to achieve. By – Machine

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