Know what to do…

At times during my life I noticed people (me included) making excuses for their short comings. Think about it, every day we can find the reasons why we missed the mark.

I have always believed that when a person knows what is expected of them, they should fall down dead before they fail to reach their objective. So then let’s make that our primary goal:

1)      To know what we expect from ourselves

2)      To put into action a plan to achieve the things we desire

If we point the finger at ourselves, who would be left to blame?

It’s on you…sink or swim, rise or fall, win or lose, live or die. Whatever should befall you resist the urge to make excuses. An excuse is a lot like a complaint – it insults everyone around you and makes you look silly and weak. Remember tough times make tough men, and if you can be tougher than the ground you walk on, you are tough enough to beat a path into this earth for others to recognize and follow.

That would be a real accomplishment in this world of shrunken expectations and lost dignity.


-Frederick Douglass

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