Hypocrite…sounds about right

Ok, so this took me two days instead of one…still trying to find my groove

“Father God, I want to be obedient!!! I want to listen!!! I want to do good!!!”

This was the prayer of my four year old a few weeks ago before he went to bed. He didn’t have such a good day and well… his backside showed it (yes we believe in spankings). He knows the rules that he should obey, but at times he will disobey them and blatantly do it. Sound familiar?

I look at my life and I see so many times in which like my boy will completely disobey God’s way to live my life, and I “do my own thing”. Why? Why do I do that?

I love God, I really, really do. He has completely turned everything around for me…and yet at times I will deny with my lifestyle.

This is hard…

Many friends, acquaintances who knew me in High School and beyond have seen my hypocrite ways and there is a pain in my gut to which I know that I can never get that time back, those moments back, those opportunities back.


Through the actions of my lifestyle, the venom that these lips have sprayed, I had the nerve to call myself a Christian?


I am still a work in progress…”The same power that conquered the grave lives in me”

But praise God, for He is the one who is the glory and lifter of my head. He is the one who sustains me, the one who holds me in His hand.


So why do I do the things I don’t want to, and don’t do the things I should?

There is a simple answer…but I don’t want a simple answer, let us dig deep in the remote parts of the issue.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Until next time…

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