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The next few posts I want to post some of my favorite worship music. It’s funny that I can find worship music in many unsuspected places. Check out these lyrics…

May the world know that I am yours.

I will never be silenced.

I will resist my sin to the point of blood, and I will wear my scars like badges of honor.

But let my hope cry out that my God is greater than the pain of persecution.

My God is greater than this world.

There will never be another chance to live today for God.

There will never be another name that can save us from ourselves.

And so, steadfast and undeterred, I will proclaim the name of Christ to a dead and dying world.

I am not ashamed!

We will resist our sin to the point of blood, and we will wear our scars like badges of honor.

But let our hope cry out that our God is greater than the pain of persecution.

Blinded, I saw that Christ is Lord. Now, may the world see you through open eyes.

God, my Father, reign

You can not deny these powerful lyrics, now if you will, please watch the video to this song… <<CLICK HERE>>

I think at times that we as believers put what “worship” music is to us in a box and if it doesn’t meet our “worship” criteria then it isn’t “worship”. Relevant Magazine wrote a pretty good article on finding worship music in different places…READ HERE.

To be honest I have been having some of my best worship times listening to music not considered worship music. Now don’t get me wrong, I love David Crowder*Band, Hillsong United, and the like, but there is a new generation rising that is redefining what worship looks and sounds like. I don’t want to miss what God is doing through them. Bands Like “For Today”, “Sleeping Giant”, and others are leading the way in this generation, and they are totally shattering the mold of what a worshiper of the TRUE GOD looks, and sounds like.

Will you open your heart to what God is doing with these new wave worshipers? You can turn away because it is not your style, and that is your choice, but as for me I will stay and I will stand for them…

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  1. Ok, great article. Dug both Brand New and Mumford and Sons. I have no objection to songs that are about doubt, frustration, disbelief, feeling abandonded etc… I have been feeling those emotions the last 2 weeks and I have had many crying/yelling fits with God lately. As believers we ALL have those moments and I feel that is part of being honest with GOd. He wants a relationship with us so that means taking all of us, the good along with the bad. That being said, I still like my happy music that makes me do the running man. I want to sing and be happy not fear for my life of being trampled in a mosh pit.

    PS: I saved your blog to my favorites. 🙂

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